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Earth, Edge of Dreams
I hadn't sleep like this for almost a lifetime, and it's been a week since I have been sleeping early. Dreams are becoming more vivid everyday; and it was a consolation for all the things I've lost. Waking up is even harder; dreams are taking over even in the waking hour. My tongue started to feel strange as I trace them with my fingers and tasted all the alphabets flowing around my mouth. They're just too many words I wanted to say, too many words I wanted to tell someone. It felt so bizarre that my mouth flows with so many words that I could taste every adjective to describe a feeling. A feeling that when I started to spit out, starts to burn my tongue.
My head started to hum, a message perhaps. Hum, hum, it says; my head tells me to reach for my shoes and walk on the street. There is nothing else to do on the street this day as I pack my bag and wore my sunglasses. I am more than aware to the fact that the pavement is more, or less the only thing that's holding me. Maybe I should ju
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Fear and Loathing of...
I'm out of road to travel, and I didn't go to work for a month.
I'm out of job carrying my bag-pack around the city with loose change in my pocket.
Traveling in long distance, feeling like a drunkard with a hangover and dehydrating.
I decided to stop by a building to see some friends, and it seemed odd.
It was a mixed of my guy friends in high school and college.
I feel great somehow, and it doesn't matter if I'm feeling hot and down last night. If you go up, you're bound to fall down anyway. A friend tossed me a bottle of ice-cold beer and gestured for me to stay. The beer tasted bitter and old, but it's better than nothing. I look out the window, and it looks like I'm in Chicago except I've never been to Chicago. I never had any idea what Chicago looks like, but my brain says so; so I let it go. I look out for street signs, but everything is disjointed, and I remember that you can't read when you're dreaming; so I let it go.
Six girls came in, and I don't know any of them. They came
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a song, flowing
A Song, Flowing
I watched unintentionally with a reverend smile on a simple gesture of just looking. It's a dangerous game, looking at someone unintentionally like looking up at ceiling thinking of nothing. The mind plays so many things up in your head like a malignant disease numbing your ability to reason. And I look at her still and I tried my best never to look at her like that again. There is a photograph of her in my head in every angle you might not imagine like keeping a reflection of her in my hindsight. I love her clumsiness and the pretty way she does it; makes me smile on a cloudy day with flowing songs in my head.
The fireflies dance across the street and the tress harvested my heart; hanging it up high in a branch as the wind caught it and let it flew unto her lap. The fireflies dance upon the shimmering water of a fountain in a rooftop; lighting the moody night as my day is done. I look at my reflection in a mirror posted on a yellow wall begging to be used by her.
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In the realm of dream by cry187 In the realm of dream :iconcry187:cry187 3 23 shopaholic by cry187 shopaholic :iconcry187:cry187 5 9
Life is ephemeral
Life is ephemeral;
constantly moving and chasing,
days are short in the tasteful hand
of a friend;
Gently a breeze stoop by,
beg to stay and say hello;
Touch my soul and it would bend,
touch my heart and it will mend.
please look at me for awhile,
i beg to differ; begging to wipe dry
the torment i caused.
touch my soul, it cries of whisper;
whispers that wanting to reach your ears.
life is ephemeral.
constantly moving
constantly changing.
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yanx by cry187 yanx :iconcry187:cry187 1 5 kyoko 2 by cry187 kyoko 2 :iconcry187:cry187 0 7 Strip Sounds 2 by cry187 Strip Sounds 2 :iconcry187:cry187 2 15
I Wish I Could Love Her
I walk in the streets in oblivious path, grasping heavy coins in my pocket as they make sounds as monotonous as my head. I could taste each of it as they jiggle around my pocket as my hands weighing each, thinking of making friends so I could give them a free fare. A free ride to anywhere and bid them goodbye and never to ask anything in return, even a name in return. I promise myself indulgence but my mind is playing trick on me. I wanted to sit, taste the old coffee in my mouth as they dry my thoughts on her. I love her.
I wanted to dance in the shimmering pond with the winds in my hand, Swaying and prancing around through the stanched memories of my hand. I held my shirt and felt the texture of soft cotton like grasping her arms while crossing the streets. I wanted to look at her face but I have no idea what they look like. I remember looking and touching her face but even my hands have lost any memories of her face if ever it has memories of its own. Maybe, I lost her somehow like
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Strip Sounds by cry187 Strip Sounds :iconcry187:cry187 1 10 Morning, Ren by cry187 Morning, Ren :iconcry187:cry187 2 19 spirited by cry187 spirited :iconcry187:cry187 2 7
Scribble on a note
A scribble on a note
The scratching sound of a pen scribbling on a notepad; under a bright sooty moon, stretching to the same sky you might stare. I wish I was staring at it too in the same window you do and dance in the shimmering stars as they dance in the vivid sky.
Scribbling, scribbling--
a notepad isn't enough;
my heart falters deeply as my eyes stare blankly in your face.
I find myself stranded, isolated with nothing to cling on.
Then, I look at myself in the mirror and I saw myself looking back, touching my face and let my fingers feel the texture. It feels so real but looking at myself doing it doesn't make me feel real. I wash my hands, cold water running through the gleaming faucet till it doesn't feel cold anymore.
Cold!, I said. I want to feel cold. My heart won't melt this way as I stare at your long wavy hair like asking me to come near.
Near to touching it,
near to smelling it.
They dance to your sway, like fingers that provokes me to hold them and run my fingers as I c
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Ihip ng hangin, malamig ang dampi
Ginigising ang 'yong mga balahibo
Naririnig ang pag-awit ng ulan
Sa kanyang bawat paghalik sa lupa
Tumititig ang araw sa iyo
Hindi mo ba nakikita?
Nais lang nilang ipadama
Ang init ng kanilang pagtanggap
Ikaw, nasaan ka nga ba?
Umiiwas, nagtatago sa kanilang lahat
Umiiyak na ang puting kuwago
Bawa't patak ng kanyang luha'y
Isang tabo ng 'yong pampaligo
Ang maitim na usok ng tambutso
Sya mong nilalanghap, mabango
Napakakulay nito para sa iyo
Ito ang mundong nakagisnan mo
Walang panghihinayang sa kaligayahan
Di mo naman kasi nalalaman
Pagmulat ng mata mo noong sanggol ka pa
Niyakap mo na ang mundong perpekto
Nakita mo ang mga punong naghihingalo
Ang naghihikahos mong kapitbahay
Ang sinturon ng iyong ama, may sariling buhay
Ang mapagkalinga mong ina, kathang-isip mo lang pala
Sa pagitan ng malaking distansya mo, at ng mga tala
Bawat pag baling ng iyong paningin, may kadiliman
Sa iyong paglaking puno ng kamunduhan
Humihithit, bumubuga, gaya-gaya puto-maya
:iconjamkablam:jamkablam 2 11
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That Day
It happened on one certain day
Strangely the sky had turned all black
That day I tossed my hat away
And saw the wind had blown it back.
:iconbananatree:bananatree 4 19
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Artist | Design & Interfaces
Current Residence: Philippines
Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Kaneda, stitch, flippy
Personal Quote: The sun always shines for the morrow....
This is a journal post by one of my officemate who hides under  the name of jamkablam (also a devart member). Tinkering of accounts happen usually when other departments doesn't have a high speed internet connection and faster mac computers. This is what happen also when you place your devart url as your homepage.

This is a lesson that should be learn by all people (that also includes non devart user). But I'm not really angry with her action. Eventually, I have to make some changes on my mac security including installing a software that records repetitive use of certain combination keys in the keyboard (hehehehe, sweet revenge!).

To sum up everything, this is her post in my journal. Hope everyone like it! :D

---someone's got your back----

Isang araw may butiki
Dumapo sa malaking paniki
Pero di pala pwede dahil mas malaki
Mas malaki pa sa paniki ang butiki
Ang aso kong mataba
Ay marunong nang maglaba
Tinuruan ko kasi sya
Ang aso kong mataba


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Salamat sa reply ;)
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